• Little Ursa at MomoCon 2017 + MomoCon 2017 Cosplay Compliation

    Hey, it's Little Ursa with my recap of MomoCon 2017! Emerald and I went out to Atlanta, Georgia to attend one of the biggest anime, animation, and gaming conventions in the southern United States.  It certainly was quite an experience, the final number of attendees reaching over 31,000. Take a look about my recap and photos of everything after the break!

    I flew into Atlanta a day early so I can explore around my hotel a bit. Turns out that was the smart way to go, as we were across the street from CNN Center and there was one place one friend highly recommended I go check out: the Cartoon Network Store.

    Grizz looks so happy to have visitors.

    And I also got to see some interesting people there in Atlanta:

    Rick seems to trying to remember how he ended up there.

    Anyway, MomoCon started on Thursday and being press, I got to get a birds-eye view of some of the gaming hall from the press room.

    This is as empty the hall will be for the weekend.

    And of course, when the convention opened, everything came to life.

    There were actually more people behind me waiting to go down into the hall.

    A small amount of the crowd outside of the convention. It should be noted that most were inside to escape the humidity.

    This just but a fraction of the huge Dealer's Hall.

    Many stayed in the Gaming Hall until around midnight, taking part in games new and old.

    Me in the Gaming Hall. So many games, so little time.

    Just because it was Thursday didn't mean there were not plenty of cosplayers showing of their talents!

    They actually sang the "Krusty Krab Pizza Song".

    Friday rolled around and a lot of fans brought out their Steven Universe cosplays since that was when Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno Hall, Zach Callison, and Grace Rolek were beginning their weekend at the con. Needless to say, many folks were already lined up for the autographs. (And I also admit, that I was in these lines for autographs too.)

    Thanks to my cosplay and to my lovely Lion plush, folks recognized me, including Michaela Dietz. She was stoked to see me again after last year's Comic-Con.

    Also, her Instagram stories were acting up a bit that day, but I did a snap of us!

    Later in the day, I managed to sneak into the Roundtable panel for Steven Universe, which included some folks like AweStruckVox and McKenzie Atwood. These lovely people had a great panel about fan-analyzing the show, the trailer for 'Wanted', and even just about what the show means to people.

    Of course Japser was blocking my view of the panel.

    As a treat to all of those in attendance to the panel, the Roundtable panelists gave everyone the following fan poster from 'Wanted':

    Just look how smug Aquamarine is.

    After the panel, I went to a special press event that I was looking forward to since I landed in Georgia: the interview with the Steven Universe cast. We will have the video of the interview up later. Sadly, we could only ask so many questions, but I again would like to thank everyone who shared their questions.

    They all came together and hand an 'all-hands in' pre-interview huddle.

    While there, I also got to see Zach, Michaela, Deedee, and Grace record some bumpers and spots for Cartoon Network. It was really nice to see them answer some questions for the fans and just watch them get into their character.

    Deedee was also really nice and posed with a certain prop for me, and I think you all might get a kick out of it:

    For the rebellion!

    After the interviews, I went to the first of two cosplay gathering/photoshoots (which will be uploaded later today). In fact, Cartoon Network stopped on by and found us! I even ended up on their Instagram stories later that day!

    I look like such a derp.

    To end the day, I went to the big Steven Universe event of the day, the main panel with the voice actors. Sadly, I arrived a bit late, so I couldn't get too close, but that was alright since I could get a few photos for you guys.

    Left to right: Amy from Cartoon Network, Grace Rolek (Connie), Deedee (Pearl), Michaela (Amethyst), and Zach (Steven).

    Left to right: Amy from Cartoon Network, Grace Rolek (Connie), Deedee (Pearl), Michaela (Amethyst), and Zach (Steven).

    To end the day, I did have to snag another photo of me hanging with Michaela (because, after all, Amethyst is Ame-best!):

    Still stoked that she remembers me.

    And of course, I have plenty of cosplays from the day to share!

    There were three different Sardonyx cosplayers. Three.

    Day three came around and I brought out one of my best known cosplays: baseball!Amethyst, better known as Amy!

    And since I brought this cosplay all the way to Atlanta, I had to show Michaela.

    She would love to see more Amethyst cosplays, by the way.

    But since Shelby Rabara and Jennifer Paz flew out to the convention that morning, a lot of us had to go to the Steven Universe panel on Saturday since we had to see Peridot and Jennifer!

    Left to right: Amy from Cartoon Network, Zach (Steven), Grace (Connie), Deedee (Pearl), Michaela (Amethyst), Jennifer (Lapis), and Shelby (Peridot).

    Left to right: Zach (Steven), Grace (Connie), Deedee (Pearl), Michaela (Amethyst), Jennifer (Lapis), and Shelby (Peridot).

    And the panel ended with something really nice for one of the Crewniverse staff from Georgia:

    That was absolutely precious.

    Right after that, we had our second of two cosplay gathering/photoshoots. And yet again, Cartoon Network stopped on by and just had to take photos of all of us! (And again, I was there in their Instagram stories.)

    While leaving on Saturday, I did get a photo of the area outside of the con and even though the sun was setting, the partying was not close to ending.

    Since it was Saturday, many people brought out their best cosplays:


    Little Amethysts are just awesome, and more kids should cosplay.

    Finally, Sunday came around and most of us at the con were tired. We all were having fun, but we were all just so exhausted from such a long and fun weekend. But that didn't stop me from cosplay Angus from the game Night In The Woods. I felt I should bring this cosplay since there aren't many cosplays of Angus (I have since learned there are about five of us now, yay!).

    And just my luck, I did run into a few Mae and Gregg cosplayers from the same game on Sunday.

    The Mae cospalyer insisted on look like that, I swear.

    And of course, plenty of other cosplayers for the last day of the con!

    Yes, that is a cosplay of Peridot's alein, and he is wearing Peridot boxers.

    It's the Cluster!

    When I returned home, I did take a photo of everything that I have gotten at the convention and during the trip as a whole. And here's what I came back with:

    It should be noted that I brought the two SU prints on the bottom left to get signed by Grace, Jennifer, and Shelby, and the roller derby!Amethyst art (by Grace Kraft) to get signed by Michaela.

    I had to be like a tourist and make use of the penny smasher at the Cartoon Network Store.

    As you can tell, I have a weakness.

    And the framed final product of the signed commission from Grace Kraft and several cute stickers of Amethyst to accent the frame.

    And that will do it for this convention recap! Join me next time when I recap the famous Anime Expo next month!