• Hey, It's That Voice! #49: Braden Fitzgerald

    Welcome back to the article that lets you take a peek at the voices behind all the characters in Steven Universe! It's time for "Hey, It's That Voice!" Today, we will look at the voice of young Ronaldo!

    Back in the episode "Horror Club", we got a peek in the past of young Lars and Ronaldo thanks to the Lighthouse gem. We got to see that Ronaldo was the same as he was then just as he is now. He seems a bit more round back then, but just look how adorable he was then. So, who's the name of young Ronnie? Why, that would be Braden Fitzgerald.

    The Beach City Explorer Club's two founding members.

    Born in Houston, Texas on August 8, 2002, Braden Fitzgerald is the older brother of another child actor, Dillion Fitzgerald.

    Fitzgerald started his acting career in 2011 with several shorts such as Single Daddies, The Agenda, The Door Beneath, and The Divorce.

    Fitzgerald (left) and Katia Winter (right) on the set of Sleepy Hollow.

    In 2013, Fitzgerald began starring on a few episodes of Sleepy Hollow. This led to more roles for the child actor, including roles in Revenge, In Your Eyes, The Night Shift, Salem, Criminal Minds, Bones, and Kickin' It. Fitzgerald will be starring in the upcoming horror film Delirium starring Topher Grace.

    And that will do it for this edition of "Hey, It's That Voice!" Join me next time when we take a look at the voice behind Lil' Butler!