• Hey, It's That Voice! #56: Lisa Hannigan

    Welcome back to the article that allows you to see the voices that bring the characters to life on Steven Universe. It's time for "Hey, It's That Voice!" Today, we are going to take a look at the voice behind one of the Diamond Authority, Blue Diamond!

    She's big, she's blue, and she can inflect sadness upon you. Blue Diamond is one of the four Diamond Authority. There seems to be a lot about this character, such as she once sentenced our Ruby to be shattered for accidentally fusing with her Sapphire, but is now in a state of severe depression. She might seem melancholic and aloof at times, her fury is not to be ignored. There is so much we don't know about this ruler, and every episode I hope for us to learn more about her. But who is the voice of this forgiving and merciful diamond? Why, that would be Lisa Hannigan!

    This isn't Greg's first encounter with a giant woman.

    Lisa Hannigan was born in Dublin, Ireland in February 21, 1981, but was raised in Kilcloon, County Meath, Ireland. She attended secondary school at The King's Hospital in Palmerstown before studying art at Trinity College, Dublin. During her time at college, she would meet singer-songwriter Damien Rice, formerly of the band Juniper. Rice enlisted Hannigan to sing on his album 'O' and to tour with him in support of the album, lending vocal support as well playing guitar, bass, and drums. Hannigan would also appear on Rice's next album '9', which featured the hit single "9 Crimes".

    In 2007, Hannigan would return to Dublin to pursue her own solo career. In September 2008, she released her first album 'Sea Sew'. The album was quickly voted one of the best Irish albums of the year. The first single, "Lille", garnered radio play both sides of the Atlantic and got the attention of Jason Mraz who insisted on having her open for him during his North American tour in 2008. The album was nominated for both best Irish album at the 2009 Meteor Music Awards and the 2008 Choice Music Prize. Hannigan released her second album, 'Passenger', in 2011, which was shortlisted for that year's Choice Music Prize. Most recently, Hannigan released her third album, 'At Swim' in August of 2016. The album was produced by Aaron Dessner of the American indie-rock band The National.

    Hannigan performing at Haldern Pop Festival 2017

    Hannigan's music has been featured in a number of films and television films. Her work with Rice has appeared in Closer and Shrek the Third. Her own work has appeared in Ondine, Gravity, Fury, Song of the Sea, Fargo, and Legion.

    Ben (David Rawle) and Bronagh (Hannigan) in Song of the Sea.

    Finally, Hannigan has had only one previous acting experience before Steven Universe. This was for the film Song of the Sea where she played the main characters' mother, Bronagh.

    And that will do it for this edition of "Hey, It's That Voice!" Join me next time when we take a look at the voice of a pint-sized gem who wants to ask if you're "my dad".