• It's Crewniverse My Dudes: Joe Johnston

    Hello from Hillo, after a bit of a hiatus! It's been a while since I've hosted one of these segments, and now to get back on track: Joe Johnston!
    Learn a thing about this dude below the cut!
    Joe's early beginnings into the industry are hard to pinpoint, but a good milestone/landmark is his alumni status from California Institute of the Arts' Character Animation program, which eventually got him a job working as an animator on the short lived MTV series Good Vibes.

    Following this, he worked as an animation supervisor on fellow CalArts alumnus Minkyu Lee's short film Adam and Dog.
    Inbetween 2012 and 2013, Joe got his first storyboard credits on four episodes of the Disney Channel series Fish Hooks.

    Then in 2013, Joe landed his biggest credit yet as a storyboard artist on Steven Universe, having worked on beloved episodes such as Steven the Sword Fighter, Jail Break, Hit the Diamond, and many many others. His final storyboard credit was for Mr. Greg, which was quite the swan song. Since then, Joe has worked as a director on the series for most of season 4 and the first several episodes of season 5.
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    Here's to you Joe! Keep up the great work!