• Recap of the Rebecca Sugar Event at Barnes and Noble at The Grove

    Last Thrusday, Rebecca Sugar treated a number of fans for an event at Barnes and Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles. Numerous of videos are already float around the web of her acoustic set and answering a number of fan questions, but allow me to show you some photos from the event that I took!

    I was extremely lucky to be getting a center seat in the middle row. Surprisingly, I wasn't the first in line despite arriving around two in the afternoon.

    It was easily a packed house, and this wasn't even everyone (as there were more in the standing area as time went on).

    As Rebecca was led out, it was tricky to get a good photo, as many camera flashes went off. Sadly, this was the best shot I got from where I was.

    Rebecca, of course, had to do a few posing shots with her book while on stage. Many took the chance to snag a photo of her from here.

    From here, Rebecca brought out her guitar to play us a small acoustic set.

    This included "Everything Stays" from Adventure Time....

    ....and inviting Deedee Magno Hall, the voice of Pearl, on stage to sing "Found" from the recent Steven Universe film. Deedee admitted she needed the paper to help her out because she it was a last minute decision to sing the song.

    Afterwards, Rebecca treated us to a very intimate question and answer segment. Before coming out, the audience wrote down questions for her and Rebecca selected about nine or so questions to answer in a very candid and open manner. Many of these questions have been shared around the internet, including Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit.

    Afterwards, the photograph session began. When I stood up for my photo, I really realized just how many people came to the event. In fact, I believe that a good number of those standing actually paid to attend the event as well.

    And, as always, it was great running into Rebecca Sugar, and even more so in cosplay.

    Of course, I wasn't the only cosplayer in attendance!

    That's all I got for this event. Keep your eyes peeled for my next recap!