• Fan Theory: Steven Has More of Rose's Powers?

    Tumblr user stevenoskita noticed something interesting about the Moonlit Battlefield scene in Rose's Scabbard. Check after the break for this fan theory!

    First, let's look at We Need To Talk. Rose demonstrates that she has the ability to hover, or at the very least, slow her descent.

    Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst have showed in a few episodes that they can jump pretty high, almost as if they were flying- very reminiscent of the Hulk's power. The most obvious example of this ability is in The Message, after Greg fails to decipher the Wailing Stone and Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl all leap away.

    Now, on to Rose's Scabbard. When Steven leaps to try to reach Pearl, the scene seems to slow down, indicating that things are moving in slow motion. But there are subtle hints that indicate the scene is not in fact in slow motion- Steven is the only object moving slowly through the air.

    Steven looks sort of like he's moving in slow motion... but if you look at the scene, he doesn't seem to be moving quite slow enough. Pearl's movements are not slowed down at all when she turns to him.

    Steven pauses in the air, his concentration broken by Pearl's look. But he was doing it. He was hovering, floating through the air and subconsciously using the ability his mother had possessed. Look at his hair- it's still flowing in the wind as if he were moving at normal speed. Steven's body movements may be slow, but the way Pearl turns, and the fact that Steven blinks at normal speed, indicate that only his body is slowed- and not the whole scene. It seems to be only when Steven loses his focus that he begins to fall. He makes a pretty large leap in the first place for a kid of his size.

    As we've seen, Steven's powers don't always manifest the same way that Rose's did, such as Steven having healing spit instead of healing tears. But the power still has the same affect, and seemingly the same level of healing ability. As the show progresses, Steven's powers grow, sometimes without him even noticing. He summoned his shield for the first time without even trying. He was able to breath in space, twice. He's shown he can age his body, and shapeshift, even if those powers aren't perfected yet.

    So, what do you think? Will Steven eventually have all the abilities Rose Quartz had? Will he gain any new powers that Rose didn't have before?


    Twitter: Emerald