• Poem: Pearl's Lament

    I'm okay. No I'm not.
    [Sad] [Shipping]

    Author: Rachana Baditha
    Description: Pearl tries to hide it, but sometimes, her true feelings take hold. Filled with the everlasting sorrow in her heart, she calls out to Rose Quartz, hoping that she can hear her somehow.
    Pearl's Lament 

    Rose, dear Rose
    Where have you gone?
    Hear my pain
    Through my song
    We were a team
    Us four together
    Rose, dear Rose
    Don't you remember?
    Rose, dear Rose
    Why was he your choice?
    Was it his hair?
    Was it his voice?
    Don't you remember that
    I was there too?
    Rose, dear Rose,
    I miss you
    Rose, dear Rose
    Was it worth
    To leave us behind
    For his birth?
    Though your parting gift
    Is ever so sweet
    Rose, dear Rose
    Why did you leave?
    Rose, dear Rose
    You were with me
    We could have traveled
    The galaxy
    But now you're gone
    While I'm still here
    Rose, dear Rose
    You brought me cheer
    Rose, dear Rose
    I feel much pain
    You brought me a feeling
    That I can't explain
    We all came for you
    And for you we fought
    Rose, dear Rose
    You're all my thoughts
    Rose, dear Rose
    Why do you hide
    I want to be there
    By your side
    There's only one Rose Quartz
    Though I love him too
    Rose, dear Rose
    I want you!