• Article: Not Just For Kids: Cartoons With Decidedly Adult Perspective

    Even in the 90's, cartoons weren't just geared towards kids. However, back then, the trend seemed to be to go for subtle, crude humor (such as Ren and Stimpy and Animaniacs). With shows like Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and even Adventure Time, the issues being tackled vary from problems that kids, teens, or even adults sometimes face. Cartoons seem to be becoming less afraid of discussing more mature themes, like tackling going through a first break up or dealing with an absent parent. But the important things about cartoons, the lightheartedness, sporadic jokes, and at least a hint of fantasy, are still ever present.

    Many cartoons now also treat children like they are intelligent. They don't shy away from real life issues, many of which the target audience, and sometimes the older audience, are actively going through at the same time as a character. With Gravity Falls, there are clues and puzzles hidden during and after each episode, which fans have to work together to solve. With Adventure Time, Finn is a 13 year old boy, who has to deal with dating, his first break up, having a crush on an older girl, his best friend splitting his time between himself and a girlfriend, being adopted, and a variety of other issues. With Steven Unvierse, Steven deals with growing up with a non-nuclear family, growing up without a mother, not having a lot of friends because he didn't go to public school, plus tons of other stuff (you all know, you watch the show!) - and, let's face it, some of the scenes in this show are probably scary for kids. Point is, there are a lot of great cartoons out there, that may not cater to adults, but can still appeal to them.

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    Not Just For Kids: Cartoons With Decidedly Adult Perspective

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