• Nightly Discussion #106

    Why are some gems shorter than others? Does it have to do with how powerful their gem is? Does it have to do with the task they were originally created for? As we saw, Rose Quartz is pretty big for a gem, even slightly taller than Garnet, who is a fusion. Jasper seems to rival Rose Quartz's height, though we've never seen them together. Pearl, though taller than Lapis and Peridot, is definitely thinner and lankier. Ruby and Sapphire are both about as tall as we now know Peridot to be, and Amethyst can probably be counted in the short category. So that's five total short gems that we've seen, and two big ones. Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet all seemed to be a little shorter in the 80's flashback, most noticeably Amethyst. So, what do you think determines a gems height/weight/figure? Can it change over time? Is it all just up to the gem when they regenerate? 

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