• Episode Followup: Catch and Release

     Oh boy everyone! It's that time of the week again, such fun! Wonder what will come of this episode, the description was awfully vague....

    Still haven't seen the episode yet? Geeze, why are you gonna read this without watching it first?

     All nice and ready to go to bed. I do love that feeling of just winding down after a day and throwing yourself into bed.

    Goodnight Happy Bear. Goodnight Sad Bunny. Goodnight Playful Kitty. Goodnight ominous triangle at the foot of my bed.
    Huh, that kinda looks like Peridot..... but there's no way they'd do that so soon right?

    Oh...... Never mind.

    You have to fix this! 
    So it seems that our green friend has kidnapped Steven in the hopes of him fixing the warp pad like he did Lapis' gem.

    This was it... this was my last shot..... I'm gonna die here. Noohohohoho......
    .... And of course it doesn't work. Poor Steven just can't catch a break with his healing powers, and Peridot's last shot at ever getting home has ended in failure.

    Of course it doesn't take long for the Gems to realize Steven's gone missing, and they quickly come to his rescue. They're also not too happy with Peridot for having taken him in the first place. 

    So with Peridot finally cornered and all her tricks used up, it seems it's finally time to deal with her once and for all. I see you creepin' around up there Pearl, actually being smart about how you deal with her this time. 

    Wait! Wait.. Yo-you need me! I'm the only one who knows about the-!!!
    And deal with her they do. Finally poofed and contained, Peridot's limbs fall to the ground in a heap and leave her gem bubbled and sent to the Temple.  

    Of course Steven's not feeling too happy about it. Peridot's fear seems to have got the best of him, and he wants to know why she'd been scared enough to warrant kidnapping him and begging him to fix the warp.  

    Why were you so scared?... What were you going to say?... Now you're deep in the Temple in a bubble, and now we'll never know. If I could just talk to you for one more second...
    Ask and you shall receive Steven. Aren't you just so lucky to have a gem room linked to where all the bubbles are kept? 

    Of course, you gotta have a fun time riding it down. Let's not forget that the last time you did this, it ended in your Together Breakfast being possessed by an evil picture. 

    And it's not long before he finds Peridot's gem bubbled and stowed like the rest of them. Of course you gotta pop it, and pop it he does.  

    Oh my gosh... You're so... cuuuuuute~!
    Sh-she's...... she's small....... SHE'S SMALL. GUYS, PERIDOT IS FREAKIN' SMALL. 

    You smash me into a limbless cloud, you trap me in your bubble dungeon, AND! you called me CUTE.
    Peridot fights like a five year old and I love her so much. 

    I was to check progress on the Cluster! Just in and out before it hatches. I wasn't supposed to get STUCK here! But now, it's going to emerge, and nothing can stop it, and we'll all be shattered!
    Oh..... that sounds.... kinda bad doesn't it? These Cluster experiments are growing more and more interesting, and more and more terrifying.  

     Stop, they're gonna see you!
    Nyahahahah! Freedom is mine!
    Uh... I don't think so Peridot... seems YOU'RE the one making miscalculations now. 

    You may have won the war, but the battle isn't over Crystal Clods!
    And now..... she's locked herself in the bathroom..... I guess this is where the whole "bathroom" part of the description for this episode came from, eh? 

    If you're trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won't work. Trust me, I've tried.
    Y'know Peridot, you're unbelievably adorable. Even in such a grim situation as this, you can make me smile. 

    How did she get? We bubbled her....
    Maybe we needed a bigger bubble.
    My bubbles are fine.
    ....I did it.... 
    I honestly don't know why the Gems are even surprised by this. Steven's got a heart of gold after all, and Peridot's fear would of course get to him.

    What other option do we have? Keep her outside on a leash? Ahahaha..... hummm.
    So it seems that Peridot's actually won this confrontation this time around. Despite being.... y'know, stuck in a bathroom for who knows how long. But since she's got information, the Gems have their hands tied about just kicking her butt. 

    What a great souvenir of that other time you assaulted me. 
    After a long night of..... what looks like destroying the bathroom, Peridot lets Steven in after he makes a peace offering with her foot... that almost seems insulting, but I guess you take what you can get.

     Is that a weapon? 
    Mmm? Oh, well, I suppose if you get it wet and roll it up.

    Poor Peridot seems so afraid of getting hurt again after getting poofed just last night, even though Steven hasn't lifted a finger against her since initially meeting him..... No, that's a lie, he hit her in the face with his shield, but he hasn't been as aggressive as the other Gems I suppose.

    Look, I know you're scared, but... I'm not going to hurt you. And whatever's going on, whatever the Cluster is? I wanna help.
    Oh Steven you sweet child, Peridot has done some pretty nasty stuff to you, but you're still so nice to her. Maybe it'll help you two become friends, I can certainly hope so. 

    Now, do you mind moving? I have to use that.
    For what?
    And with that, another episode ends. I guess Peridot is gonna be living in Steven's bathroom now? I have no idea how this will play out, but I'm certainly looking forward to the next episode. 

    That was a fun episode huh everyone? I do love me some good ol' Peridot, and now she's TINY as well. Mmmmhmm, I feel like next week is gonna be super fun. Until next time everyone!