• Article: Why You Should Be Watching “Steven Universe”

    If you're following this site, this probably isn't an article you need to read. However, it does highlight a lot of what makes SU such a great show. So, if you're having trouble convincing someone to watch, and don't have an answer as to why they should beyond, "it's REALLY good", this article may help you pinpoint what it is that actually makes SU worth watching.

    For example, SU is described as "a show that is so well written, so thoroughly planned, and so well executed, it’s defined an entire new era of cartoons." That's a pretty bold claim about a kid's show!

    Here's another great point about SU: "It uses this to really challenge the social norms of what makes up a family and how people can define their family." Be sure to give the article a read for more super cool reasons why everyone should be watching Steven Universe.

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