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     @Opal why would you wanna make a bow and arrows when you could instead wield a really cute fishing rod

    Ahh, fishing. Is there a more relaxing pastime? If your fishing license is up to date, let's pack up the rods and tackle box and head down to Fish Lake for a nice stress-free day of fishing from the shore. I hope you've practiced casting! We're not going to keep anything we catch; that'd be cruel. Besides, cleaning and cooking fish is a lot of effort. Tell you what, if you're good, we'll stop at Long John Silver's on the way home, ok?

    Oh, and bring the TV, because Catch and Release airs on Cartoon Network at 5:30 ET/PT! If you can't make it, you can fish in any of the streams after the break.

    Bits Stream (Backup Mirror)

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