• Rebecca Sugar panel at MoCCa Fest 2016

    We posted up some pieces of Rebecca Sugar's panel at MoCCa Fest 2016, but here's the full panel! Check out this awesome hour long panel, with lots of cool tidbits about SU and how it relates to Sugar's own personal life. Plus, Sugar plays a cover of So This Is Love from Cinderella. Truly beautiful. Catch the full interview below!

    Some highlights:

    • Sometimes she'll fill in little bits of animation in the storyboarding process. She specifically sites a scene where Greg is fishing and there's no bait on his hook, but there is supposed to be. So she just goes in and draws that little bait. Little pieces of Sugar all over the episodes.
    • She spends her weekends working on the show because she loves it so much.
    • Sugar: "I have two voices, which is small and nervous and freaking out and nervous."
    • Rebecca feels like she did a lot wrong in her life, but it made it so she could teach her little brother Steven what not to do so he had a better and happier life.
    • Rebecca is very modest. She said when she's warming up to play music, she likes to play So This Is Love from Cinderella. "I could play it, if you want." she said, as if anyone in the room didn't want to hear her beautiful voice.
    • "I think Ian's the only person who's ever heard me play that." she says to a teary eyed audience, after she plays the song.
    • She's written a song for Stevonnie.
    • The Answer is being turned into a children's book.
    • She takes notes for the show in her phone, but she sometimes forgets what is a poem and when she was talking about the show.
    • Lastly, she reads a poem that she wrote
      • 9/10
      • Creamed curtain
      • Cat noise
      • Elysian Park birds have the morning news
      • I'm glad the world is going on
      • But I'm not interested

    Twitter: Emerald