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    Super Watermelon Island
    Thanks be praised, the endless hiatus is finally ending! And what better way to end it than an episode about video games? We know Steven has a N64 and GameCube, who's to say he doesn't have a SNES stashed away somewhere? How many of you played Yoshi's Island growing up? What a game, right? Fantastic gameplay, and an amazing soundtrack! I know Steven Universe is going to do it justice. They already showed off their video game aesthetic during Garnet's Universe. So much hype for this episode!

    Oh and I guess while Steven is playing/dealing with Super Watermelon Island, the rest of the gems will be having a Gem Drill. Makes sense, Peridot has no combat experience. Gotta get her up to speed!

    Dig out the SNES, tune your TV to Channel 3, and play Cartoon Network at 7:00 ET/PT for these back-to-back episodes! If your mom sold your SNES at a garage sale years ago, that's ok! We have a bunch of emulators and roms listed after the break!

    And by emulators and roms, I meant streams and downloads. It was a metaphor!

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