• Article From July 23 Reveals Spoilers?

    pastemagazine posted an article on July 23, all about three episodes that aired this week! Hey wait a second... It's only the 19th! The 23rd is Saturday, which means... this review and analysis of this weeks episodes seems to have been published early! It talks about 'Steven Floats', 'Mr. Greg', and some juicy bits about 'Too Short To Ride'. Spoilers below! Empire City Never Sleeps and neither does Emerald!

    Peridot only made one appearance this week, and predictably, she stole the show. There was a lot of juicy detail to pick through in “Too Short To Ride,” including Peridot and Amethyst’s growing friendship, Mr. Smiley showing us the exhaustion of an American small business owner, the return of cat fingers, and one of the better “Twitter” profiles ever created.
    Apparently, Peridot’s seen bigger beaches and bigger cities on Homeworld.
    But the main takeaway from this episode was Peridot’s relationship with technology flipping on its head. We’ve known for a long time that she derives power from tools rather than her physical form (now we know it’s because Homeworld is running out of resources—a not-so-subtle analog to the situation on Earth), so of course when she’s given a tablet, it immediately takes over her life. It’s only the combination of losing her newfound toy and Amethyst’s “realness” that unlocks her inborn ability, an ability that might be unique among Era 2 Peridots because our Peridot is the only one on a planet that allows Gems to break their mold. Say goodbye to self-pitying Peri and hello to Steven Universe’s first metalbender, a now-formidable force who’s only going to become more confident in herself and new rebel identity. Yes, Peridot’s probably going to continue acting like a child, but there’s no longer an excuse for her to turn to tech as a solution for her insecurity. Given how much time modern people spend on screens every day—especially in light of the Pokemon Go craze—”Too Short To Ride” serves as an important reminder that we need to spend at least some time unaided by tools if we’re ever to reach our full potential.
    The top three movies on Sadie’s shelf, ranked: Caligula: The DocumentaryThe Organ Pickler, Part VIIExposed Brunch.
    Steven’s going to be the toilet-side morale guy in his college dorm… if he ever goes.
    We finally have definitive proof that avocados aren’t the perfect food in every situation.
    Mr. Smiley sure goes to court a lot… tough biz, owning The Big Donut and Funland.
    Peridot and the alien has been hinted at for a long time… love, actually, at long last!
    Perhaps Sour Cream’s concert for ants should’ve taken place at the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good.
    Dogcopter: Turn Off The Bark is still playing in Empire City. Steven has to see it eventually, right? Now that Greg has all that money?

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