• Episode Followup: Steven Floats / Drop Beat Dad

    We're back! The Stevens are floating and the beat dads are dropping! .... wait.

    What better way to kick off the Summer Adventure than with a pair of episodes of what the Crewniverse does best... subtle character and world-building? We've got a while before the Rubies get back from Neptune. Let's kick back, relax, and watch Steven float.

    Ahh, welcome back Crystal Gems! We've missed you! I love getting back from vacations. It's so nice getting back to your home where everything's comfy and familiar after being away.

    "We have some catching up to do!"
    Don't worry, Steven! If your favorite shows are anything like ours, they've probably been in re-runs the entire time you were away! Not that I'm bitter. It's only been two months. Only two months.

    "Hellooo foo- AUGH"
    And Steven wasted no time getting started on earning this episode's Best Face award. Always remember to clean out your fridge before going on vacation, folks!

    "I was out in the field saving the world!" "Wow, nice!"
    Sadie's back! And so is her wonderful quasi-acceptance of Steven's magical abilities. Nothing fazes Sadie!

    Steven it's ok, you already won! Besides, if you keep making that face it'll get stuck like that.

    What did I tell you?
    Oh, never mind.

    Steven Death Count: 1. Geez, chill out, man. Stop being so melodramatic!

    "We started baking our own donuts after that workplace safety lawsuit got thrown out."
    That lawsuit got thrown out? How did this get thrown out!?


    Wow, Sadie. Y'know what? Forget the lawsuit. Anyone else suddenly hungry for donuts?

    Oh hey, I had an alarm clock like that when I was a kid! Well, close enough.

    Steven jumps like Mario!

    Parallels:  Story for Steven | Steven Floats
    And he lands like his mom! This may not be a coincidence...

    "The captain has turned on the seatbelt sign. Looks like we've got some boys in the sky ahead of us."
    Ha ha, Pink Diamond airlines! ... wait, PINK DIAMOND AIRLINES!?

    It's actually Dhawar Airlines. What does Dhawar mean? It might be Steven's universe's version of India.

    “‘Steven Floats’ + Scenery
    I've said it before, but...

    “‘Steven Floats’ + Scenery
    The backgrounds on this show are so beautiful.

    “‘Steven Floats’ + Scenery
    And this episode really shows that off!

    "Wait, can Steven fly? Yeah, I think I remember that."
    ... Do you think this is where Opal gets her forgetfulness from?

    Ahh, this episode just feels like an older episode, y'know? It's good to see the Crystal Gems having time to be themselves. Garnet is calm and collected, Pearl is losing her mind, and Amethyst is just rollin' with it.

    Garnet, stop tormenting the Pizza family!

    Me and my well-meaning intentions
    Pow! Amethyst's got quite the arm!

    Even when you're slowly falling out of the sky, Garnet does not play on easy mode.

    “steven + gems jumping (?) up to him (x)
    You can take the bird out of the mom, but you can't take the mom out of bird mom. That doesn't make any sense write a better joke

    Whenever someone asks you about Steven Universe, show them this picture. I think it just about sums everything up.

    7:26 already? Wow, that half-hour flew by! Unless...

    "... and Mayor Dewey will order a dozen. And then a dozen dozen for the whole town! And then a dozen dozen dozen..."
    This depiction of Mayor Dewey is probably more accurate than you'd think.

    I hope that in my entire life I am never this sad. Poor boardies 😭 

    "And then they'll feed my donut to a dog!"
    Aw but look how happy the little pooch is! You wouldn't deny that dog a donut, would you? Wait a sec, that was a chocolate frosted donut! You shouldn't feed that to a dog! Steven, you have to get down, that dog's life may depend on it!

    ... and yours, apparently! Steven Death Count: 2. Boy, that escalated quickly.

    I mean, that really got outta hand fast!

    At least we got a Shakespeare reference.

    Oh c'mon Steven, lighten up! What are you screaming at?


    "Yeah, but if he did have a jetpack, he could just put it on upside-down."
    Yeah Amethyst, jetpacks are cool and all, but you know what else might help? A helicopter. Just saying.

    "My floating power's tied to my emotions! Rrrrgh, right, just like all my stupid powers!"
    Steven's tired of this Magical Girl emotion powers stuff. It's all fun and games until you're falling to your death.

    "The beach! No, that's where I'm going to die!"
    Steven Death Count: 3.

    Save your Son
    "Mom? Oh geez, those feelings are complicated..."
    This line is probably the line of the episode right here. Steven barely knows his mom, and Rose was a very mysterious lady. The Crystal Gems themselves probably don't know half of what she got up to in her 5 millennia on Earth.

    That's a pretty picture of her though.

    "I just need something that makes me happy! Something I can depend on to always cheer me up!"
    How about Greg, or Connie? Aww, don't feel bad you two, he didn't even think of the Gems until he saw them on the beach.

    "He's used the memories of happy and sad things to land safely behind us, ready to give us a hug."

    What could possibly happen next!?
    Steven Death Count: 4.

    "I would've liked a hug."

    And from that day on, the passing Tumblesteven became a regular sight in Beach City.

    Steven Death Count: 5

    See what I mean? It doesn't really seem like she's all that shocked that Steven can fly. She's more just sympathetic to how painful that crash looked. And also she'll probably have to fix the ceiling now.

    you probably got a lot of requests, but if you...
    "Oh bother."
    What a great episode! It harks back to the old season 1days where Steven would discover a new power, it got a little out of hand, and then he and the Gems would find a way to deal with it. Good stuff!

    But the fun's not over, because there were two episodes today!

     We begin by learning Steven's guide to being a roadie:

    "Whether they're lifting the heaviest equipment..."

    "...fighting off crazy fans..."

    "...or just offering moral support..."

    "...roadies work behind the scenes to make all magic onstage possible!"

    Yellowtail is carrying a briefcase of fish home. What can I say? The man loves his job. It probably hurts him to have Sour Cream dismiss his line of work so readily, but Yellowtail also belittles being a DJ, so I guess their distaste is mutual.

    "Wait! Don't leave! Waxing is free!"
    Greg sounds kinda desperate here. The poor guy's so kind and helpful; I really hope he isn't living paycheck to paycheck.

    Marty's back!? Ok I guess from the episode title I should've seen it coming, but this caught me by surprise.

    "I'll protect you, dad!" "Eh, don't worry. I got a hose."
    Yeah, this is probably the proper response when a wild Marty approaches. Heck, it's way better than the greeting he probably would've gotten from Vidalia...

    "Woof! Just look at you! When did you get so tall?" "Uh, like nine years ago?"
    And when did you get so old, Marty?

    So I guess Marty doesn't have a last name. Or the ability to spell "promoter." Unless he was trying to make a pun, in which case his pun sucks too. Boo-oo!

    "I mean, what is this, a concert for ants?"
    No, that's a GameBoy. 

    "You wanna squeeze 'em until their eyes pop out!"
    Steven Death Count: ... 6? Marty, you ok buddy?

    "...and, Real Talk? I was a jerk. But Real Talk, I've learned a lot about myself and the music business since then."
    Oh hey, he can do the anime glasses thing. Maybe he's telling the truth? Maybe he's a better person now?

    I mean wow, that's a sweet billboard. And he had the whole thing designed and made in only a couple of hours! Maybe Marty has changed!

    Aw, wow, and he made Steven an official roadie, like he always wanted! Marty's seeming like a pretty cool guy now! Maybe I was quick to judge him. People can change!

    "Geez! What does Greg feed that kid?"
    I love how Steven just nonchalant has the strength of a gem. And that he uses it to carry things for people.
    Good to see that that boat survived Steven dropping it last episode.

    15 people! Not bad for Beach City. Also a 1500% improvement over the turnout of the last Beach City beach event Marty organized.

    Oh hey, that's Ian Jones-Quartey standing next to Kiki! I guess now that he's retired from the show, he can visit Beach City anytime he wants!

    "Don't mind me, folks. Just a humble roadie doing a mic check! ... This mic looks great!"
     Steven, you're adorable. Never change.

    Awwwww, so Marty hasn't changed much after all. Now he's just the human equivalent of a pop-up ad. It was too good to be true!

    "The world's first guacamole soda! Each can comes with the power of three whole avocados!"
    I... I like guacamole. I might actually try this soda.

    Boom! And Ronaldo goes down!

    Ugh, the two words you never want to see on any drink: "from concentrate." Ok, maybe I won't try this. Still, it could be good on chips?

    Oh well, forget it then. Wait, Ronaldo, where did you get those chips?

    And of course Onion likes it. To him, it probably tastes like the tears of everyone else here.

    DADA MAD AH! You get 'im Yellowtail! Show Marty who's the real dad here!

    Wait, is he... dead? Marty killed Ian Jones-Quartey! NOOOOOOOO!
    Update: Phew!

    "I need this Guacola deal, okay? Don't be selfish!"
    The SU crew are so good at making simple faces show clear expressions. Sour Cream wears "how dare you!" so well!

    "Muh! Muh muh muh! Muh muh muh muh muh! Muh muh muh, muh muh!"
    Sour Cream! Where did you learn such language!

     Yellowtail to the rescue! Please be good, please be good...

    "Thanks, Yellowdad."
    I love this show's heart. This scene might be the start of a lot of healing around the Onion household.

    “Let’s kick it!
    Now that's an entrance!

    “Let’s kick it!
    And look at these two! I love seeing families being supportive. Go, Yellowtail! You earned your best dad award today!

    "Even if he doesn't make it big, Sour Cream will be okay. As long as he's doing something that makes him happy."
    Anyone else really looking forward to aivisura releasing the background music for this episode?

    And it did all work out in the end. Marty even gave Greg a check for... A BILLION DOLLARS!? Wait, $10 million. I was close! There are 9 zeroes.

    Welp, I guess we can all guess what Mr. Greg is going to be about...