• Nightly Discussion #402

    SU is really great at developing characters. It has a nice balance between exciting episodes of Steven helping the gems battle monsters, and slice of life episodes where Steven can help out the humans of Beach City. I think it's important that we don't just get gem battles all the time. If we did, Steven wouldn't have a whole lot of humanity to him. Even though Steven is just a young teen, he seems to get along with everybody, gem and human alike. I think he's definitely accomplishing what Rose always wanted to. Being born a gem and an alien, she didn't quite understand humans - how they feel, how they live. No matter how much someone could try to explain it to her, she was born a different type of creature. That's not to say that Rose never felt love, but simply not in the same way that humans do. Steven is the best of both worlds, both human and gem. Able to fight alongside Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst, but at the same time, able to enjoy the little things in life, like helping Sour Cream with his concert or helping his dad at the car wash or being able to eat the first donut of the day or making friends with Connie. The gems, for the most part, as seen in 'We Need To Talk', secluded themselves from humans. They were there to protect the Earth and all its creatures, but they weren't particularly interested in interacting with the life there, aside from Rose. But Steven is interested in all life, and in peace among all worlds, all planets. It's remarkable. Just like Steven's existence.

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