• Nightly Discussion #396

    "Why would I ever want to go home, if you're here?" After Rose left, Pearl definitely felt an emptiness inside. The Crystal Gems were great company, sure, but her loyalty was steadfast to Rose. Without her there, Pearl was lost and without purpose. She fought to be free, to not live like other Pearls... but is that really what she wanted? Or was her goal always to please Rose? She fought for Earth's independence from Homeworld, and yet, she attempted to return in 'Space Race'. In all the years she was with Rose, she surely never felt homesick - because Rose was her home. "Now she's gone, but I'm still here." Even though she's her own gem, it likely doesn't make her miss Rose any less. Will Pearl find a new purpose by the time the series ends? Or is she destined to feel lost forever?

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