• Upcoming Episode Descriptions From CN Canada!

    Hope you're ready to get hype for upcoming episodes! Any theories about deeper meanings behind these descriptions? And why the heckie is there a description missing for an episode airing next week?

    Steven Floats
    Steven jumps for joy, but jumps too high.
    Mr. Greg
    Steven visits Empire City with Greg and Pearl.
    Too Short To Ride
    Steven visits Funland with Amethyst but runs into trouble when their friend is too short to ride the rollercoasters.
    The New Lars
    Steven analyzes Lar’s life. (sic)
    Restaurant Wars
    Steven settles a rivalry between owners.
    Kiki’s Pizza Service Delivery (sic)
    Kiki has nightmares and Steven intervenes.
    Monster Reunion
    An old friend returns.
    The summaries for Drop Beat Dad and Alone At Sea is just a generic summary of the show.

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