• Fan Theory: Peridot's Ego

    How could so much sass and spunk fit into such a tiny package? Well, with an ego bigger than the cluster itself!

    After “hit the diamond” aired, the fandom was faced with a conundrum: why did Peridot think SHE was the leader of the earth mission when the rubies specifically refer to JASPER as the leader of the earth mission?

    Was there a colossal breakdown in communication? Were yellow diamond’s orders ambiguous? Is this a case of compartmentalization or different missions masquerading as the same one?

    As season 3 progressed and we moved into season 4, it became more confusing. Homeworld operates under a caste system. Jasper- big time war hero and quartz warrior- is automatically higher up the pecking order than Peridot, an era 2 techie, regardless of anti-earth sentiments which seem prevalent on Homeworld.

    Why would Peridot think SHE was in command of JASPER? Even if Peridot presumed jasper was inherently inferior and flawed because she’s from beta, that doesn’t explain why Peridot presumed she would be given command of a quartz warrior.

    And yet she did. she referred to jasper as her “escort”, and pushed Lapis onto the mission in the first place (not to mention interrogating her) as her “informant”. She thought the rubies were coming for HER, even after the ruby fusion snarled “where is the leader of the earth mission?”

    Now, at the tail end of season 4, with the release of “the new crystal gems” and its associated twitter publicity stunt, we may actually have our answer.

    Peridot just presumed she was the leader. maybe she even DECIDED she was the leader. and nobody mentioned the chain of command because Peridot was the only one who wasn’t on the same page.
    Basically, Peridot has an ego and an inflated sense of importance. I love this toilet goblin.

    Twitter: Emerald