• Fan Theory: Gem Death

    This theory is a little morbid, but also digs very deep into what it means when a gem is shattered.

    Gem death is actually very different than human death…

    When you think about it, when one gem dies, infinite others die as well.  Every fusion they ever were, every fusion they would have been or wanted to be, will never exist again or will never come to be.  The shattering of a single gem is an invisible massacre.

    Literally, I suppose so. We see Fusions as distinctly different people, which they are. But a Fusion is the physical manifestation of a relationship, they’re the embodiment of a very real concept that exists in humans in the abstract - they are person you are when you interact with another person/people, the relationship between you and another person/people. We fuse, in a figurative sense, every day, through our interactions with other people. We become different, specific people, with the many people and relationships we have in our lives (friends, family, significant others, hanging out one-on-one, hanging out in a group, etcetc).

    So, when we die, these ‘people’ we were with the various other people in our life die too. And the people they were when they were with us also die. These figurative people don’t have physical forms like Gem Fusions, but they do exist in a sense and they cease to be when a person dies.

    So, I think, on like, a metaphysical level, in this sense human and Gem death actually aren’t so different.

    Twitter: Emerald